Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So you've been thinking about having dreads:man whats my boss gonna think,whats girlfriend gonna say? Well if your dreads look neat they shouldn't mind.take my advice, just do it rasta! you only got one life.So here's how do it.

  • PREPERATION:Wash your silky hair for the last time so your scalp could be clean and dandruff free by the time your dreadlocks form.If you dont its gunna be a pain in the a#$ to get out of your dreads.After, blowdry your hair untill it gets really dry, this will ensure it knots up tight and creates alot of friction between hair strands.Also after your dreads are completed we have real island shampoo that locks your hair and tightens it so cheak it out.

  • PARTING:Next what you'll have to do is part your hair in four parts.This will keep any unneccesary tangling between hair.You should always start from the back of your head and work up.If you want thick dreads your going to have to part aboout 6 squares in each quarter of your head.If your going for the more refined look you want to have from 11-14 little squares parted in each quarter of your head.

  • BACKCOMBING:Backcombing is when you take a comb and comb not towards the end of your hair but towards your scalp.When starting you will have to start backcombing(teazing) your hair from the scalp with little strokes.DONT RUSH IT RASTA.If you rush your dreads will be loose.slowly by slowly your hair will start to clump up and as you go you will be moving up towards the end of your may take a while but you'll get there.One more thing its gonna be an obstacle trying to do it it with just and ordinary comb,we do have the special made combs just for dreading right from the islands on sale so cheak em out.You can also take a look at how we do it on the side of the page there's videos on actual backcombing.

  • TIGHTENING YOUR ROOTS:If you have really curly hair it would be no problem to ensure that new growth will occur because twisting will the job,but for my knatty's with natural straight hair your probably wondering how do I get my new growth to dread?The trick is to take your index finger and middle finger and place any dread that is fairly loose at the root in between the two fingers.Slide the two fingers downward to about 1 and a half inches above your scalp.Then pressdown on your scalp and rub in a circular motion for about 15-30 secs.This should make for some really knotted up roots.

  • TIPS ON HOW TO TWIST YOUR DREADS:Well we personally think the best and most effective way on how to twist dreads are by palmrolling.Usually you would take about a finger tip full of the LOCKING GEL and dab it all along the dread.Once the dread is somwhat damped with the locking gel,put the dread in between your two palms and rubb your palms once then reset the dread in between your palms and do it again untill the dread looks like a ramon noodle soup noodle(krinkly) lol.Right after dreads are twisted we usually style it backwards to keep the twists in for about a week or two.Remember look on our videos for more tips on how to twists and style.

  • INSIDERS TIP:If you want your dreads to feel hard pay close attention.Blowdrying is a really good way to make them hard but only after you shampoo them with the knattyknattydread shampoo.After you get out the shower towel dry them.There still gonna be damp after you towel drythem this is when you blowdry for about 5 mins.your dreads will be lookin thick and feelin hard within mins.

  • DONT LIKE YOUR ENDS:If you dont want your ends to be straight the all you is take a rubber band and fold the ends of your hair.Then tie the rubber band around it like so.Leave it in For and out 3 to 4 weeks.